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Professional car body repairs by Panel Craft

If you have been involved in an accident and your car is damaged, you may think that  your car will

never look the same again. Instead of going to a local garage inexperienced with dent removal and

car body repairs, you can choose to come to the experts.


At Panel Craft, we endeavour to provide you with professional car body repair services that will make your car look like new. From paint rectification and SMART repairs to dent removal, we have the experience it takes to give your car top quality body repair services.

Our car body repairs include:

Quality accident repairs

When your car is involved in an accident, the bumper often takes most of the impact. A broken or damaged bumper can compromise the safety of your car and look unsightly. Our bumper repair services include:

Choose our reliable body and bumper repair services

  • Dent removal and welding

  • Bumper repairs

  • Paint rectification with SMART Repairs

  • Car scratch repairs

  • Scuffs and scrapes

  • Alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment

  • Accident damage repairs

  • Multiple chips repaired

  • Cracks and gouges

  • Disconnected edges

  • Parking damages

  • Misshaped or pushed in corners

  • Replacement bumpers sourced

To keep your car looking like

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